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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Before I begin, I should thank the eternal worrier for the structure of this post: It's all about the number seven and quite unlike my usual writing style. More opaque, for one. 

Melbourne today: torrential rain, gale-force winds, staggeringly high heels (mine). Umbrellas, damp pedestrians, public transport and other bloggers. 

They can verify that 
1) I do exist and 
2) even look like my header, 
3) my hair's not a wig and 
4) I wear leather and 
5) (black) lace and 
6) a scarf with 
7) tiny fairy bells dangling from it's tattered black fringe.

Angela, Alicia, Lady Smaggle, Selena, Grant, Lady Melbourne and I (that's seven) made an upstairs table at Laurent our home for hours, talking toobs, clothing, jewellery, readership, cake, nuffnang and the science of confectionary-preference-compatibility.
(Photos here and here)

I'd be lying if I didn't confess nerves, and a tiny, miniscule, nagging crush. On whom, I'll let you guess. 

And my seven nominated bloggers? Well, there were six in attendance and one more I would very much have liked to meet: Esme and the laneway
Please participate if you would like. Mr London Street began it all in this post.


  1. Yes, you do indeed exist! It was lovely to meet you and this 7 things idea sounds very interesting.

    PS. I just blog rolled you :)
    PPS. A crush aye? ;) LM?

  2. its true then... you really are as beautiful as I had pictured.... No wait... more so...

  3. Gosh you are beautiful!
    I am so sad I couldn't go yesterday (but I think everyone else might be relieved, as my face + food at the moment might not be the best combination, haha) and it would have been lovely to meet everyone :)
    The 7 thing sounds interesting! I'll have a think about something to do with it... :)

  4. Lovely post. I knew that you would write it differently.

    I have to confess that I’ve always thought the header was a picture of the ‘real you’ because it suits your writing, and I wasn’t left disappointed. Thank you for the mention.

  5. Darling I'm so pleased we got to meet and to share a splendid afternoon of conversation. It truly was lovely. I would have been lovely if Esme had been there too. I'll be back towards the end of November so I'll have to organise another Sunday afternoon catch up.



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