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Monday, October 19, 2009

Carparks aren't just for cars.

I shrieked a little when he pushed me back against the car. The condensation hit my sweaty skin like a slap, and he dug his thumbs up under my ribs as his palms held me against the freezing metal. In a second the cold was overridden by heat; his mouth crushing my neck, chest hard against my breasts.

All I'd done was tilt my head to gaze up into the inky sky; all the warning he gave was a choked "Oh, I really want..." and then he lunged, pinning me.

His thigh was hard up against my pelvis and I shifted, looking for a hint of more friction. His urgency falling upon my neck had sent a rush of blood straight to my treacherous nipples, and now my clitoris was in on the game and screaming for attention.

"Nonono," he breathed into my neck, dropping a line of kisses down my shoulder and grazing teeth along my naked collarbone. "Can't have you doing that." He arched his body away from me and left me hanging, wanting.

One hand came up and traced a line from my forehead down my nose and across my upper lip. WIth a flick of my head I had his finger between my teeth and bit down hard. He grinned. I rolled the top of my tongue across his fingerprint and felt him moan deep in his diaphragm. "Mmm. Not so tough now." He smiled and placed his fingertip against my mouth. I lifted a leg and wrapped it around his waist, pulling him back into me. He was properly hard now.

I took his finger into my mouth again, feeling it bump past my molars, fluttering my tongue along it. Not a terribly subtle hint, but I could feel myself wetter and hotter and ready. His left hand dropped from my ribs and I took the opportunity to reach past the waistband of his trunks and slide a finger along his erection, hot and smooth like wet velvet. His head dropped back to my neck and he murmured a long growl of arousal, coming close and sliding his hand under my raised thigh. Damn pencil skirts. Where's my Geisy Arruda mini when I need it?

His fingertips found the edge of my underwear and brushed against my swollen labia, straining insistently towards his pressure - all the encouragement he needed to drop to his knees and push my skirt up with both hands so he could nuzzle my heat and scent rising off tissue-thin fabric.He pulled my right leg around his shoulders so I was almost astride his body and snuck a finger inside my pants, revelling in the sudden moisture that opened under his touch.

I threw my head back against the passenger window; my hips grinding uncontrollably to bring his mouth in proximity to my clitoris. Suddenly he was inside me, two fingers massaging me, thumb playing over the hood of my clitoris, mouth nipping and teasing on either side of the main attraction. Oh, god.

Three fingers, thrusting and rubbing, making me rock back and forth in some kind of effort to keep up. His mouth was all around me now, sucking and fellating. His tongue rolled lazily across my trigger in just the same way that I'd teased his finger...
Once, back and forth, sending little warning jolts and starting a spasm in my thighs. Twice and the feeling spread through my torso.

He paused, stroked a little more deeply and found the base of my cervix, hardening and lowering as I ground my way to orgasm. Three. Oh my fucking god. I dug my fingers tightly into the base of his skull and felt him swallowing as I came in a brilliant, impudent rush of clenching muscles and convulsive clutching.

He held me upright from his kneeling position for a second then stood and wrapped me close in his arms.
"You're like a rock," I whispered, feeling him against my hip.
"And you're like a river. And now we're going home to finish this off properly."


  1. Brilliant and hot.
    Never disappointing Ellie.

  2. Thank you JenJen...
    I'd like to know what the other twenty people lurking think - have I lost my touch or something?!

  3. I'll de-lurk.

    This is fantastic. Really.

  4. You have not. It is just the way it is. I think sometimes if you get 10-20% of your followers to comment it's a lucky day.
    Your posts are sometimes hard to comment on because most of us are too bashful to say "Shazaam Ellie that made me hot" so we say nothing. And lurk. All sneaky like.

  5. Lost your touch? Are you crazy??!!!!! Wait, it's getting hot in here. I need to step outside for a while ;-)

  6. Jeez, I can't wait till you get home!


  7. Hi Leah! Thanks for delurking. I won't tell anyone that you visit.

    JenJen: I love "Shazaam!" That's a brilliant word. I think I'm going to steal it.
    And I think you're absolutely right. I just thrive on the attention.

    Ddg: Don't stay out there too long ;)

    Wil: I can rarely wait till I get home.

  8. I've read the last few posts, Ellie, and holy shiite, I'm starting to think I should actually make an *effort* to lose my virginity.

  9. Hey my buddies JenJen and DDG read this too. Woo hoo!

  10. Ellie this was smokin' hot ! Right now I'd kill for that kinda action :P

    See I'm not lurking - I've delurkified myself and told you just how hot and bothered I got with this post !

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  12. HOW has it taken me so long to find this blog?!?!?!? Awesome word-pictures!

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